Our future is the community – our future is you.

You invest in renewable energy, we provide a platform and together, we create a greener, fairer world.
By investing as little as £5 a month, via your energy bill, you can own a piece of solar on Your Co-op Food Store’s roof*.
You receive a return on investment and any remaining profit is invested into community benefit projects.
PowerShare is a first of its kind initiative that aims to break down the barrier of accessibility in investing. This is a game-changing first-step that provides you with a simple platform to amplify the impact of your hard-earned money.
Once the pilot is full, we will continually build new sources of renewable energy to help reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.
To be eligible for PowerShare, you will need to be on Your Co-op Energy’s Community Power Tariff.
What about the energy crisis? – We don’t encourage you to switch energy suppliers just yet so, join the waitlist and we’ll contact you when it’s safe to switch and turn your interest into ownership.
*PowerShare is made possible with our friends at Younity and Energy4All.
Reduce your carbon footprint though the renewable energy generated.
Recieve a financial return on your bill.
Through our unique partnership with Octopus Energy, you can easily invest through your monthly Community Power energy bill (or upfront) and receive the returns all through your bill! This helps to create an easy, centralised place for your investment.
Help fund local projects through PowerShare’s partner Community Energy Group.
Help young people gain invaluable educational skills and play a part in helping to create a better world.
We’re huge advocates of including future generations in decision making. So, alongside a group of industry professionals, we’ve created a youth board to help them gain experience, have an impact on their local community and raise their voice on climate action.

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